DALE LAWRENCE BROKER/OWNER Dale has been a real estate broker since 1979 and in addition to building his personal portfolio of rentals, he has brokered and managed over $100 million in real assets over the past 35 years. He is a champion for real estate acquisition as a retirement vehicle. He has helped dozens of clients reach their investment goals through passive income provided by real asset ownership.


STEFAN SCHWARTZ senior portfolio manager

Stefan came to us 4 years ago from hotel management and has transformed our day to day operations. He has a passion for detail that works well with Dale’s passion for the big picture. He is a Berklee graduate with a love of music and like Dale is always ready to listen and solve the daily problems of real asset management.

LEE COVERT Palm Springs portfolio manager

Lee is a 10 year partner with us.  Prior to our liquidation of our Palm Springs portfolio, Lee managed almost 100 doors in the desert. Lee is Mr. Palm Springs and is very in tune to the special challenges of the desert. Lee has a background in music management and loves to chat about Jazz and wine.

GC INTERIORS  Christine Soler + Gina Murphy

Chrissy and Gina lend their expertise in design and staging to provide paint, design and staging to “style” selected properties in order to maximize market rents.


Lawrence and Associates is a boutique real asset management company based in North San Diego County. We manage multi family residential and select commercial properties located in both San Diego and Riverside counties. We were formed in 1978 to provide management services to our own portfolio of residential rentals after failing to find a fee management company that shared our commitment for excellence as well as our compassion for the source of our income, the residents. We have discovered over the years that treating tenants with respect, understanding, and compassion builds an owner/ tenant relationship that is fruitful for all parties.

In the early 1990's we began adding select owners to our family and began to provide fee management to clients that shared our philosophy of providing quality, safe, and fun housing to our residents.

We operate on a unique platform that we feel is quite different but superior in results than most fee management companies. Our fee schedule includes no extra charges for many of the duties that most management companies tack on fees to perform. Never an extra fee for leasing, tenant selection, repairs and turnover management. No accounting fees or tenant applications. Fees. In the rare event of an eviction or tenant litigation, we partner with a law firm specializing in tenant/landlord law and never charge to represent our clients in court. Dale Lawrence is always accessible via cell phone to both tenants and owners and always enjoys discussing his views and sharing his 30 years of experience to both owners and residents.